Crazy Car Gangsters

Crazy Car Gangsters

You will get addicted to this fun car race and fight

Crazy Car Gangsters will keep you entertained and will bring you a lot of fun. You won't get bored with this action game. Two clans of gangsters are struggling on the road for territory. Choose a clan and fight versus other gangsters to own the territory. Bulldogs and Dragons have different cars with guns and they are shooting between them to get each piece of land. You must race your car and fight your enemies. The police officers are trying to catch you and you should run away before they take you to jail. On your way you will find different items like guns; collect them to shoot your enemies and protect from them. Some other items will help you fix your car, some will increase your bonus points and some will give you more speed. You will have a whole armory at your disposal like pistols, automatic guns, bazookas and rockets. Each level will increase your challenge and speed up your adventure. Playing this game is very easy, you should use your keyboard to race your car, press arrow keys right and left to move to the sides, press up arrow key to advance your car, space bar to brake and control key to fire your gun.

Birgilio Rivera
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  • Good fun


  • Navigation is always the same
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